Form a generation of Christian leaders whose main objective is to establish the Kingdom of Heaven in each home, thus fulfilling the Great Commission.

"Go into all the world and make disciples." -Mathe 28: 18-20

In 1992, this ministry is born in the heart of God and of the pastors Ruddy and Maria Gracia, with the name Signs of Life. Pastors Grace, in obedience to this call, decide to meet in a tiny apartment in the city of Miramar, Florida. With the strategy of the groups "FACTS", (Hispanics In Each Home Offering Salvation), this vision grew rapidly, invading all the cities of South Florida and extending even at amazing distances. The follow-up is given in a personal way through constant communication with the new members, giving them the message of salvation and the Christian formation they need so that they in turn develop as leaders of new groups. As a great family, the Church of Life Segadores meets to celebrate in two weekly services, where the majestic presence of God imparts miracles, liberation and healing, in a powerful ministry that nobody wants to miss.