As our motto says: "Reaching the world from Home to Home," reaching families for Jesus Christ is our priority.


We have a team of collaborators and servers that affirm and strengthen each new member, creating in this way a solid base that can never be moved. Teaching them the Word and making them disciples, not mere believers; and finally entrusting them to do with others what has been done with them. Those teams are sent two by two, because we believe in the Word when it says in Ecclesiastes 4: 9: "But, woe to the one! that when it falls, there will be no second to raise it. "


Populate the cities of South Florida with groups "FACTS", as we call it. The abbreviations represent (Hispanics In Every Home Offering Salvation). These groups meet in houses and are "homogeneous", making outreach circles, like human networks of love, invading all the cities of South Florida and extending, at times, to amazing distances.

After this initial contact, we constantly maintain communication (with visits, phone calls, times of fellowship) providing them not only the salvation of their souls but also assuring them of a future of blessing and prosperity according to the promises offered by our Savior. .


Our groups of disciples are organized in small groups. We believe that Jesus teaches us this principle in His Word, when he himself chose 12 men to teach them to continue their work when he left. This number allows the development of close friendship bonds and a sense of "care" where we are under authority and submission to the people placed by God to guide us spiritually.

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Each person is taught with the intention of developing as a leader of others, and thus continue a chain or "Network" in which we are all fruitful and multiply spiritually.

A life in holiness is required, and they are exhorted to continue their growth and enrichment in Biblical knowledge and Christian formation.



Each one is motivated to participate in:

1 Groups FACTS
2 Meeting
3 Baptism in water and in spirit
4 Leadership classes
5 Discipleship Classes
6 Withdrawal / Release
7 Ordination